Programme Period
Awards and Prizes
Registration and Submission
Eligibility Towards Counting and Judging
Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions
A. Participation in Hong Kong Top MICE Agent Awards (the Awards)

  1. The Awards is open and applicable to MICE agents in India on a corporate basis.

  2. Each participating agent must hold and maintain, at all times during the programme period, valid licence(s) in the relevant jurisdiction (as stated above) where such participating agent carries on business and brings Meeting & Incentive (M&I) groups from such jurisdiction into Hong Kong under the Awards. Each participating agent must promptly produce documentary evidence of such licence(s) upon the request of the HKTB. It shall be obligatory for each participating agent to ensure that all the relevant formalities are duly carried out and legal obligations are duly complied with. If the participating agent/participants neglect in complying with the same, it shall be at the risk and peril of the participating agent/participants.

  3. The Awards is organised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB).

  4. Participating agents in the Awards must provide all additional information and document which the HKTB may require from time to time and ensure that all data, information and document given in connection with the Awards are true, accurate and complete. Any violation of this will lead to disqualification of the participating agent in the Awards. The HKTB does not bear responsibility for any loss, damages or costs incurred as a result of any such disqualification.

  5. By participating in the Awards, (i) participating agents' personal data are collected, processed and retained by the HKTB, the controller of the personal data, and also by the HKTB’s agent and/or sub-contractor involved in administering the Awards; (ii) participating agents shall be deemed to have given its/his/her consent and authority for such collection, processing and retention of personal data; and (iii) the relevant participating agent shall be deemed to have withdrawn from participating in the Awards if it/he/she withdraws its/his/her consent or authorisation given as aforesaid at any time during the programme period. Participating agents' personal data shall be collected and processed for the purpose of their participation in the Awards only and will only be retained as long as necessary for such purpose. Participating agents can request access to and/or submit a request for rectification or removal of their personal data. For these purpose participating agents can contact or email the HKTB’s respective country representatives at the contact number and email address stated in this document.

  6. Should violation of the Awards terms and conditions result in any loss or damage to the HKTB, the HKTB shall be fully entitled to pursue legal actions for any claim or remedy it deems fit. The participating agent shall keep the HKTB indemnified in the said regard.

  7. By returning the Awards application form, the participating agent further agrees that it would agree and accept all and any changes which may be made to the Awards and it would be deemed that the participating agent has agreed and accepted all and any changes which may be made to the Awards, the nature of the activities, and/or the prize to be awarded by the HKTB as it may deem necessary in its absolute discretion.

  8. The participating agents are advised to read all of the statements contained in this document including the terms and conditions contained herein (Terms) carefully. By participating in the Awards, the participating agents will be deemed to have read, understood and agreed to all rules and regulations governing the Awards (including the Terms and all statements in this document), and consent to all activities to be undertaken in connection with the Awards and undertakes to comply with and be bound by the same. The participating agents and all concerned are duly notified that the HKTB reserves the right to modify, change, replace and/or terminate the Awards at any time at its sole discretion. It is further notified that in case there is any modification, change, replacement and/or termination of the Awards at any time none of the participants or other concerned shall hold the HKTB responsible and nor shall they be entitled to raise any claim of any nature whatsoever against the HKTB. Any changes during the course of the Awards will be posted on the Awards landing page without additional notice to the participating agents.

  9. The HKTB retains the right to exclude any participating agent from participating in the Awards, if the HKTB, in its absolutes discretion, considers that such participation is not in line with the rules and regulations governing the Awards or is otherwise in conflict or not in compliance with the Terms.

  10. By participating in the Awards, the participating agents agree to the use, free of charge, by the HKTB in any medium of the participating agents’ name, image, photograph, video and voice recording for publicity and marketing purposes.

  11. The participating agent must not reproduce or publish anything relating to the Awards without the prior written consent of the HKTB, for which consent may be denied or given with or without conditions at the HKTB’s absolute discretion.

B. Utilizing the Prizes

  1. Winning agents must provide true and accurate information regarding the M&I groups for judging. If any violation of the above is found, the HKTB reserves the right to disqualify selected winners without notice.

  2. Prizes cannot be transferred, discounted, or converted to other prizes in kind.

  3. All winners for ‘Top 10 M&I Producers’are obligated to nominate ONE (1) senior management representative from its company to attend the Awards Winner’s Familiarisation Trip cum Award Presentation and participate in all activities during their trip to Hong Kong in February or March 2019. Details will be advised at a later date.

  4. The ‘Top 3 M&I Producers’ can redeem the prize:

    As support to its corporate clients’s inspection visit with potential M&I groups to Hong Kong or its corporate client’s M&I group trip to Hong Kong or its employee familiarisation visit to Hong Kong (only for hotel accommodation, venue rental, sightseeing tour programmes, net cost of attraction admission tickets, meals and local transportation, but exclusive of administrative fee, commission, rebate or interest). The travel period for the inspection visit or the corporate client’s M&I group to Hong Kong should be between 1 February and 31 October 2019.

    The winning agent must strictly comply with submission of the programme of the inspection visit / the corporate client’s M&I group trip to Hong Kong / its employee familiraisation visit to Hong Kong with proof of booking to the HKTB by means of signed documentation or contract , and implement the activities before 31 October 2019; failure to comply will result in forfeit of prize. Itinerary and quotation for the costs to be incurred during the visit must be submitted to the HKTB at least THREE (3) weeks prior to the inspection visit / the corporate client’s M&I group trip / its employee familiraisation visit to Hong Kong. The HKTB will confirm eligible items that are reimbursable from the prize.

    The HKTB will provide reimbursement from the prize to the ‘Top 3 M&I Producers’ after the inspection visit or the corporate client’s M&I group trip to Hong Kong is concluded and the verification of the winning agent’s submission of their original official invoice for the reimbursement from the prize, the final participant list with company name and designation, inspection/group itinerary in Hong Kong, and a copy of official itemised invoices and receipts of payment issued by licensed service providers in Hong Kong for the inspection visit or the corporate client’s M&I group trip to Hong Kong. These supporting documents toward the reimbursement of prize should be submitted within one month from the conclusion of the said trips. Prize reimbursement is subject to HKTB’s discretion in case of late submission of supporting documents.

    The HKTB shall have the right to withhold payment of any sum of the prize until the HKTB is satisfied that proper and complete documentation required by it have been received by it.

C. Other Terms

  1. The Awards is open and valid for application from 1 January 2018 to 15 December 2018 (both dates inclusive) and in respect of arrivals on or before 31 December 2018 (programme period). The Awards is applicable only in respect of India outbound M&I groups arriving in Hong Kong during the programme period.

  2. For usage of ‘Hong Kong Rewards!’, the participating agents must follow the respective rules and regulations stated on this Awards application form

  3. Each M&I group must have a minimum of 20 non-Hong Kong participants from the same corporate company arriving in Hong Kong and staying for at least 2 consecutive nights in Hong Kong or at least (1) night in Hong Kong with two (2) nights on a cruise embarking or disembarking at a Hong Kong cruise terminal on the same trip.

  4. A hotel booking confirmation with full name list and period of stay for the M&I groups must be provided to the HKTB before departure for Hong Kong.

  5. The HKTB will reply by email upon each successful Awards application received by the HKTB within 14 working days.

  6. Without prejudice to any of its rights hereunder to reject or not accept any incomplete or not properly completed Awards application, the HKTB may verify with participating agent on any information provided by such participating agent which are not clear, doubtful or otherwise incomplete, and in the event of any disagreement or disputes, the HKTB has the full right to make the final decision which decision shall be final and binding on the participating agent.

  7. The HKTB reserves the right at its absolute discretion to exclude or disqualify any participating agent whom it is of the opinion to be acting in a manner which is against the interest of the HKTB or which is in violation of the Terms or any rules or regulations governing the Awards or in case of (suspicion of) foul play, fraud, or any (other) breach of the Terms. It is the duty and responsibility of the participating agents to ensure their legal eligibility to participate in the Awards.

  8. The decision of the HKTB on any matter in connection with the Awards shall be final and binding and shall not be subject to appeal.

  9. If any statement or provision in this document is held by a competent court or other competent authority in a final decision (i.e. after exhausting all appeal avenues if applicable) to be illegal, void or unenforceable in the relevant jurisdiction, that statement or provision or the relevant part thereof shall be deemed to be deleted and the remaining statements and provisions shall continue in full force and effect in respect of such jurisdiction.

  10. This document and the Awards shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong.