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We wish you a majestic Year of the Dragon from Hong Kong! Click here to check out special information about attractions opening hours, transport and boundary-crossing arrangements in town during Chinese New Year.

Wellness & Nature

Looking beyond the city’s dense skyscrapers, Hong Kong is a wellness sanctuary offering rich reinvigorating options that are always within reach. Use this guide to plan and design creative itineraries for your meetings and incentives groups to reenergise and motivate your delegates and teams! 

Go Active

Bustling Hong Kong is the world’s only metropolis that boasts 75% of green space within its land mass. Abundant natural scenic attractions set against contrasting landscapes are no further than one hour from the city centre! 

Get together for an energetic outdoor adventure. Give your team a fun-filled bonding opportunity over land and sea – by hiking together at picturesque trails of various degrees of difficulties or exploring UNESCO-recognised sites and dramatic rock formations sculpted by natural forces over millions of years. How about learning a bit of Chinese martial art or golf together? Your team may discover much more about the “wild side” of Hong Kong, and each other!

Breathtaking views and friendly challenges: The Peak

As the place for the best panorama of Hong Kong’s famous skyline and Victoria Harbour, Victoria Peak is an ideal location for physically challenging interactive outdoor team activities.

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Close encounter with nature: Shing Mun Reservoir

Take your group on an easy walk to connect with nature in the lush forest of Shing Mun Reservoir, hikers will be rewarded with lots of Instagrammable moments.

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A hike into history: Tai Tam Country Park to Quarry Bay

The calm blue-green waters framed by century-old stone dams and arched bridges are more or less the designated backdrop for a group photo at the end of the hike.

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Walk on the wild side: Eagle’s Nest Nature Trail

Eagle’s Nest Nature Trail is so name for the black kites that roost up there. Hikers can take an easy walk into this wilder side of Hong Kong.

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A thousand steps challenge: Violet Hill

This hike will make teams demonstrate commitment. Once arrived at Violet Hill, it’s a test of fitness scaling the flight of 1,200 steps, leading up to two peaks of similar height called the Twins.

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Tai Chi in the open: Shi Xu Tai Chi

Gathering your team to do a gentle exercise like Tai Chi can help members de-stress, develop mindfulness and gain wellness.

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Wing Chun basics: Mindful Wing Chun

Learning Wing Chun at iconic Victoria Harbour, is a fun bonding activity that can help your team get fit while enhancing inner well-being.

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Kayak to world heritage: Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark

Organise a group excursion to the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark. Your group can view stunning rock formations and landscapes on kayaks in the Geopark’s sheltered Sai Kung Inner Sea.

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Sail-by boat tours: UNESCO Global Geopark

For a relaxing and educational group experience, start with a sail-by visit to the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark which features numerous stunning geological coastal landforms.

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Golf and tennis escapade: Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy

Enjoy a rejuvenating sporty day with team members at the prestigious and private Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy. It’s a stylish one-stop destination nestled at the foot of rolling green hills in the Sai Kung countryside.

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Go Idyllic

Among the 263 outlying islands in Hong Kong are hidden gems that provide unique experiences of traditional fishing villages. Many of these tranquil destinations are only a 45-minute ferry ride from the city.

Plan an eco-tour, a relaxing hike, visits to historical sites or local culture infused team-building exercises on these accessible islands for your team to recharge in fresh air and green open spaces.

Heritage Trail and Restoration at Yim Tin Tsai

Participate in the most iconic sea salt-making workshop at Hong Kong’s only preserved UNESCO-recognised salt pans and enjoy an in-depth experience exploring the island’s 300-year-old cultural history.

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Fishing Village Eco tour

Board an authentic junk boat, explore an exhibition of old photographs and fishing equipment, and take part in activities including rope weaving and salted fish-making workshops.

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Hiking from Yung Shue Wan to Sok Kwu Wan

Take the group on a relaxing hike with great sceneries with chance to worship the eponymous ‘Goddess of the Sea’, and taste not-to-be-missed local snacks.

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Island Escape in Cheung Chau

Take your team on an educational team-building exercise with a walk along “long island”, combining a history lesson with visits to historic sites and landmark temples.

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Team building challenges at Sai Yuen

Stoke group members’ adventurous spirit with activities like tree-top canopy walk, or relax over outdoor cooking of clay-wrapped slow-baked beggar’s chicken or making local snacks like bubble waffles for teams to grow deeper bonds.

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Tai O Local Foodie

Tai O is probably the only village in Hong Kong with long-standing houses on stilts lining its picturesque turquoise canals and best for groups looking to learn about Hong Kong’s fishing history.

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Seafood hunt at Lamma Island

Popular outlying island Lamma has a vibrant international dining scene and many arty cafes, but its restaurants serving fresh seafood are the star attractions here.

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Go Mindful

Nurturing mindfulness is helpful for connecting your team with people, the environment and worthy social courses. Modern Hong Kong with rich culture offers a wealth of relaxing and engaging pursuits for groups to boost well-being, eco-awareness and compassion.

Your team members will be instilled with greater empathy and desire to make a positive impact through CSR initiatives supporting sustainability and the underprivileged.

Bake Your Own Vegetarian Hong Kong Pastry

Give your team a fun bonding experience through learning to make traditional Chinese pastry with Kee Wah, a popular home-grown bakery brand.

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Tea Appreciation x Singing Bowl

Groups can learn about Chinese tea’s calming and healing benefits and also meditate with a Tibetan singing bowl. The awakening exercise can help to stimulate the senses while immersing themselves in the peaceful countryside.

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Guided Forest Bathing

Immerse in the sights, sounds and scents of Hong Kong’s stunning urban green space for a “forest bathing” to slow down, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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Plant a Seedling for Good at Kadoorie Farm

Give your teams a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) opportunity to make a positive contribution by giving back to the environment while offsetting carbon emissions.

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Hong Kong Challenge – Adventure in the Dark

Give your team a thought-provoking CSR challenge exploring the environment in total darkness, guided only by a visually impaired professional explorer who will lead participants through activities that stimulate senses such as hearing and smell.

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Go Wholesome

In cosmopolitan Hong Kong renowned for culinary richness, a growing number of healthy dining establishments are emerging.

Create a culinary journey from farm to table, starting with a half-day experience at an organic farm hand-picking and sampling fresh produce, followed by savouring vegetarian dishes at a Buddhist monastery or delicacies exemplifying Michelin-starred farm-to-table concepts. The sustainably sourced ingredients served by such restaurants will also give green-minded teams a feel-good factor. All these dining venues cater to groups of various sizes, and serve up photogenic décor that help make your MICE event more memorable.

Mediterranean Cuisine

Asaya kitchen

Inside the five-star Rosewood Hong Kong, Asaya Kitchen is serving up healthy Mediterranean cuisine rich with locally sourced sustainable seafood and vegetables. Perfect for a private gathering.

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Chinese Cuisine

Chi Lin Vegetarian

Feed your body and mind by having a guided tour around the picturesque Nan Lian Garden featuring relaxing Chi Lin Vegetarian Restaurant! Then have a taste of healthy living with the restaurant’s Chinese vegetarian cuisine.

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Shanghai Cuisine

Kung Tak Lam

No MSG. Seasonal ingredients. Delicate presentation. All explained why Kung Tak Lam Shanghai Vegetarian Cuisine has been a firm favourite among Hong Kong’s vegetarian connoisseurs and a go-to place for those seeking a quality vegetarian feast.

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Chinese Cuisine

LockCha Tea House

Here, groups can learn about Cantonese teahouse traditions and taste Chinese tea complemented with all-day vegetarian dim sum. It also gives Chinese tea a new spin with a bar offering tea beers and tea cocktails created by its mixologists.

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Western Cuisine


Roganic has been rated Michelin One Star for two years. Micro herbs grown in-house and seasonal ingredients sourced primarily from local organic farms are used for its imaginative seasonal lunch and dinner menus perfect for those looking for high-quality healthy Western fare.

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Local farming experience

Zen Organic Farm

Let your event participants pick their own leafy green, fresh herbs and tomatoes fresh from the fields as toppings for home-made pizzas hot off the Zen Organic Farm’s outdoor wood-fire oven.

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