The Ultimate MICE Guide

Your Ultimate MICE Guide to Old Town Central

A vibrant neighbourhood and a hub of cultural activity that’s steeped in history, Old Town Central perfectly exemplifies Hong Kong’s unique East-meets-West characteristics and traditional and contemporary influences. Home to many of the city’s cultural cornerstones, exceptional Chinese and international restaurants, mesmerising street art and a renowned party hub, this district is the ideal location to work hard and play hard.

This handy guide can help you plan and design creative itineraries for your MICE groups by introducing an array of engaging and innovative activities in the hub, as well as workshops for MICE visitors to encounter new cultural experiences. With all the remarkable venues and trendy restaurants on offer that can cater for varying sizes and occasions, Old Town Central is an ideal hub for social events and corporate gatherings.

Best of all, we have some of the top travel agents and expert planners from across Asia to recommend their best spots for MICE groups. Follow this guide and discover why you should host your next MICE event in Old Town Central - for business and for pleasure.