Challenge Central!

A scavenger hunt for MICE groups in Old Town Central

Get acquainted with all the magical hidden pockets and cultural gems in the neighbourhood while bonding with your colleagues in this one-of-a-kind scavenger hunt challenge around Old Town Central. Each of the 12 checkpoints is a unique local attraction, be it for its history, culinary delicacies or shopping opportunities.



Heritage site challenge


Once operating as the old Hollywood Road Police Married Quarters, this historic building dates back to 1862. Walk around the venue and discover preserved heritage sites, like the former junior police clubhouse or the granite stairs and rubble wall retained from the Central School. Make sure to take a photo at each spot to prove you’ve found them!

II. Kung Lee Herbal Tea Shop

Taste challenge

Kung Lee Herbal Tea ShopKung Lee Herbal Tea Shop

Think you have the taste buds of a master chef or tea sommelier? Each team is tasked with trying a traditional herbal tea and guessing the health benefits of the beverage. If you get it right, you will be rewarded with Kung Lee’s renowned sugar cane juice.

III. Hollywood Road G.O.D Store street art

Photo challenge

Hollywood Road G.O.D Store street art

This mural of old town houses is literally one of the most popular Instagram spots in town and you’ll have to fight through the crowd to get to it. Come up with the most creative – or silly – pose with the entire team using the artwork as the backdrop and take a selfie!

IV. Tai Cheong Bakery

Trivia challenge

Tai Cheong BakeryTai Cheong Bakery

The famous egg tarts with shortcrust pastry from this bakery are a favourite among many locals. Make a guess at how many egg tarts are sold every day at the bakery, before checking with the staff for the answer. The team with the best estimate gets to enjoy twice the number of creamy tarts fresh from the oven.

V. Graham Street Market

Bargain challenge

Graham Street MarketGraham Street Market

Shop and bargain like a local! With more than a century’s history, Graham Street Market is one of the oldest wet markets in Hong Kong. Each team is tasked with buying a vegetable not found in their hometown with only HK$20. This will quickly sort out who has the negotiating skills to bargain for the best deals.

VI. Pottinger Street

Shopping challenge

Pottinger StreetPottinger StreetPottinger Street

This stretch of cascading stone slabs is lined with stalls selling costumes and props. You’ll be given HK$100 to purchase the quirkiest and most outrageous costume combo. We’re talking Santa Claus meets Ninja Turtles or a werewolf mask with a feather boa. There are no limitations here, only your creativity.

VII. Upper Lascar Row

Video challenge

Upper Lascar RowUpper Lascar RowUpper Lascar Row

The street market, also known as Cat Street, is renowned for its impressive collection of antiques including porcelain, Buddhist sculptures and Maoist memorabilia. Rummage around for the most unique and quirky merchandise, before taking a 30-second video to describe your new discoveries.

VIII. Tai Ping Shan Street

Investigative challenge

Tai Ping Shan StreetTai Ping Shan StreetTai Ping Shan StreetTai Ping Shan StreetTai Ping Shan Street

This street is home to an array of chic contemporary art galleries, cool coffee shops and brilliant boutique stores, creating a culturally rich neighbourhood. But there are a handful of traditional temples here too. How many can you count along this road? Remember, even the smallest temple is still a temple!

IX. Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong

Dance challenge

Chinese YMCA of Hong KongChinese YMCA of Hong Kong

Young man – or men and women – there’s no need to feel down, especially when you’re exploring this cultural part of town! So, it’s time for a dance break. Express your joy and do the Village People dance in front of this historic institution. Bonus points if you put on the outfit you bought from Pottinger Street. Let’s get started, then – Y-M-C-A…

X. Man Mo Temple

Activity challenge

Man Mo TempleMan Mo TempleMan Mo TempleMan Mo Temple

Visit one of the city’s oldest temples and declared monuments. Stand on the street opposite the temple to admire the intricate traditional carvings on the temple’s roof and spot the dragon fishes. Head inside the temple to be mesmerised by the lanterns and the incense coils hanging from the ceiling.

XI. Central Market

Locate the landmark challenge

Central MarketCentral MarketCentral Market

Discover one of the city’s most historic buildings that blends the past with the present. Here at Central Market, eat and shop to your heart’s content. Find the preserved rice stall which is a replica from the 1950s on the ground floor. Make sure to take a group photo once you’ve found it!

XII. Tai Kwun

Signage challenge

Tai KwunTai KwunTai Kwun

Tai Kwun, Hong Kong’s former Central Police Station Compound, now converted to the Centre for Heritage and Art, has been painstakingly restored so that it still retains its original appearance. Using pictures found in the Tai Kwun app, race each other to find the different historical signs scattered around the venue – such as the living quarters and the Victoria Immigration Centre – in the self-guided walkthrough.

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