Wikimania 2013

Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit organisation behind Wikipedia and several other leading web properties, needed a location to host its annual Wikimania conference for 2013. The destination had to offer reliable internet connectivity, access to a vibrant technology community and the ability to attract and accommodate Foundation supporters and contributors from across the globe. The location also needed to reflect the organisation’s mission to disseminate knowledge. 

After reviewing its options, Wikimedia felt that Hong Kong – as an information communications technology centre, world-class tourist destination and sanctuary for free thought – made for the ideal choice. The city boasts fast internet speeds, a wealth of tourist attractions, is also a haven for free speech and knowledge exchange, and home to a vibrant information communications technology industry and community.

Wikimedia’s choice proved to be a wise decision. Wikimania 2013 was attended by as many as 1,000 delegates from 88 countries, and its more than 100 sessions were well received. 

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“We’ve had nothing but compliments about our choice for Hong Kong as a destination from our attendees – and they have pretty high standards.”

Ellie Young Conference Coordinator, Wikimedia Foundation

“One of the reasons we chose Hong Kong is that it is a telecommunications and travel hub.”

Jimmy Wales Chairman Emeritus, Wikimedia Foundation

“Of all the conferences we’ve had for Wikimania, this has been the easiest in terms of visas and getting folks from all over the world here without a lot of paper work, hassles and waiting periods.”

Andrew Lih Wikimania Consultant

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