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We wish you a majestic Year of the Dragon from Hong Kong! Click here to check out special information about attractions opening hours, transport and boundary-crossing arrangements in town during Chinese New Year.

Safe, Smart & Sustainable

Hong Kong is one of the safest and most secure cities in the world, in terms of both community security and precautionary health measures. The city also prides itself on its smart and sustainable capabilities, where MICE planners and visitors will encounter green spaces and initiatives, plus smart digital infrastructures which make planning events easier and attending events more enjoyable.

Optimal visitor safety

MICE visitors will feel at ease and protected the minute they land in Hong Kong, where hygiene and safety measures are evident at every stage of their journey. Throughout the city, cutting-edge disinfection technologies are applied. Restaurants and hotels also meet strict hygiene standards so MICE event attendees can fully relax within their environments, whether at an event venue or during their personal leisure time.

MICE travellers will also feel high levels of personal security as they travel around the city, where Hong Kong is regarded as one of the safest places in Asia. It has a very low violent crime rate and is located within the Eurasian Plate, resulting in relatively stable weather and environment.

Smart City Smart Travel

Hong Kong is being elevated into a world-class smart city under the HKSAR Government’s Smart City Blueprint 2.0, which set out more than 130 initiatives under six smart areas: Smart Mobility, Smart Living, Smart Environment, Smart People, Smart Government and Smart Economy.

With these smart initiatives, travellers can enjoy a hassle-free visit in Hong Kong, travelling around town with smart mobility built into public transport – for instance, the MTR and franchised buses provide real-time information through display panels at stations and bus stops. Also, e-payment has a penetration rate of 98% in the city, and visitors can easily use Octopus cards to commute, shop and dine without the hassle of paying in cash.

With the concerted efforts of both public and private sectors, Hong Kong’s Wi-Fi penetration is among the highest in the world^, Visitors can enjoy public Wi-Fi via Connected City programme and stay online throughout their stay.

New facilities have been introduced in Hong Kong to host hybrid events of any scale, reaching global audiences anytime anywhere.The Mobile Studio at the Asia-World Expo (AWE) has introduced Hong Kong MICE industry’s very first Wi-Fi 6 to service and showcase the city’s ability to stay ahead with forward-thinking, technologically advanced event venues that provide seamless and immersive experiences.

Green innovation and sustainability

As one of the leading Asian cities with the most sustainable trade policies^^, Hong Kong is committed to building a sustainable city with multiple initiatives and blueprints, such as reducing its overall carbon emissions by half before 2035 and aiming for complete carbon neutrality by 2050 with the goal to achieve economic growth with environmental protection and social capital development.

Throughout the city, various tourism sectors​ are committed in building a sustainable future too, from the city’s airport, world-class attractions, convention venues to green-awarded hotels and dining, MICE planners will notice a variety of sustainable initiatives with smart, energy-saving features as well as social-cultural commitments, which makes planning a sustainable event with gastronomy options and team-building activities easy.

The city’s commitment to sustainability can be seen in its cultural and heritage preservation too.

Hong Kong is home to some famous revitalised heritage sites and UNESCO Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage, giving event planners abundant authentic cultural-inspired meeting ideas. From smart use of heritage architecture to creative twists to its traditional arts and crafts, Hong Kong offers creative spaces and authentic team-building ideas for planners, to give event delegates a once-in-a-lifetime experience.