BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013

Telecommunications and wireless equipment maker BlackBerry was seeking the perfect host city for its 2013 BlackBerry Jam Asia developer conference. The annual event is one of three such occasions held around the world each year to provide advice and training for the application development community.

The main aim for the 2013 location was to facilitate BlackBerry’s expansion efforts in Southeast Asia and China by serving as a convenient place for developers in the region. Being a mobile device conference, fast and reliable on-site internet connectivity was also needed.

After careful consideration, it was Hong Kong that emerged as the venue of choice. A former British colony, the city has long served as a gateway to the Greater China market for Western companies. It also offers an all-inclusive MICE destination in the form of Lantau Island – with hotels, a major conference centre and an international airport all within a stone’s throw – and some of the fastest internet speeds the world over.

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“Hosting BlackBerry Jam Asia here in Hong Kong paid off as the convenience and accessibility allowed the conference to be collaborative and cohesive experience for each of us here.” 

Martyn Mallick Vice President, BlackBerry World & Global Alliances, BlackBerry

“BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013 in Hong Kong has been a phenomenal success. The conference attracted developers from across the region – Mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, India – and we have been receiving positive feedback from delegates on the sessions and venue.”

Sarim Aziz Head of Developer Relations, BlackBerry, APAC

“We always look for a place that can provide accessibility for both the Chinese and the broader Asian development community. And Hong Kong, with its geographic location and ease of access in terms of visa requirements, was a very good choice for us.”

Alec Saunders Vice President, Developer Relations & Ecosystem, BlackBerry

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