Strategic Location

Few other cities can match Hong Kong’s fortuitous positioning in the heart of enterprising Asia. The city’s commercial and geographical access to the region’s high-growth markets, combined with its comprehensive international transport connections and economic advantages, make it Asia’s top spot for strategic events that get down to business both in Hong Kong and beyond.

Asia’s business hub

Hong Kong’s extensive tax, trade and legal benefits, as well as its proximity to some of the world’s largest and most robust economies, have made it the most convenient base for doing business in Asia. Hong Kong is efficiently located within four hours of flying time from the region’s key financial markets, and is less than a five-hour flight from half the world’s population. The city shares the same time zone as Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, and Perth. Additionally, Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok, and Jakarta have just a one-hour time difference with Hong Kong, maximising opportunities for mutually convenient engagement with Asia’s key markets.

Connecting the world

The city is also one of the world’s most popular travel destinations and Asia’s busiest aviation hubs.  Its award-winning airport serves flights to and from over 200 worldwide destinations. Hong Kong International Airport's handy downtown check-in service and high-speed Airport Express train make business travel in and out of the city effortless and enjoyable. With visa-free travel for visitors from about 170 countries and territories, open trade policies, and widely spoken English, doing business with the world from Hong Kong is an easy and efficient process.