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Treasure Hunt

Around West Kowloon

West Kowloon is an exciting neighbourhood full of cultural adventures and surprises. Stroll at leisure but look for five recommended checkpoints in a team-bonding challenge while uncovering the unique charm of this part of the city.

I. Liu Ma Kee

This family-run century-old shop famous for fermented bean curd was founded in 1905 and is currently run by its fourth generation. Split into groups for a taste test and name as many of the different flavours as you can.

II. Jade Market

Jade, pearls, precious gemstones and trinkets of every price point fill this market as far as the eye can see. See what each of you can buy for HK$100 and find out who makes the smartest purchases.

III. Former Yau Ma Tei Police Station

Built in 1922, this Edwardian architecture in Yau Ma Tei is one of few pre-war police stations that are still standing. Its iconic look makes it a popular location for films and TV series. Gather your teammates and make a 30-second video in front of the archways of the reporting centre and front entrance to see who is the best actor and actress.

IV. Mido Cafe

Taste local favourites at one of Hong Kong's oldest cha chaan tengs (local cafes)! Its humble interiors have stayed the same since its opening, and the signature multi-coloured windows and quaint ceiling fans have been the backdrop for many films. Snap some pics for the "gram" with your group.

V. Kung Wo Tong

Need a pick-me-up? Visit this century-old herbal jelly specialist for nourishment and guess the health benefits of the herbal remedies on offer.